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Students learn Ballet according to their level working on placement, positions and French terminology.  They will develop flexibility while improving coordination.

This will be made available to those students with advanced skills in Ballet at the discretion of the instructor.

This aspect of dance incorporates different modern dance techniques such as Graham, Limon, Horton and Cunningham.  Class includes floor exercises and interpretive movements and moves into across the floor  and center combinations.


A truly American form of dance used in Broadway Shows.  Class starts with warm-ups that isolate every muscle in the body and is followed with across the floor and center combinations.  Styles ranging from Classical jazz to Broadway to Contemporary/Pop will be included.

Born in America and used in Broadway Shows, students learn tap steps that coordinate rhythm in the feet with arm movements.

Hip Hop
Combines today’s most current styles of choreography as seen in concerts and music videos.

Theater Production
American Broadway Theater production techniques will be taught.

Preschool Dance and Gymnastics
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip hop and basic mat work to enhance the strength and coordination in younger students.

Traditional Irish Step dancing taught in both soft and hard shoe techniques.

Individual and small group choreography will be facilitated by teachers to enhance creativity.

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Class Schedules